We Made the Right Decision

When we used AB Travel Organizer for our LAPAN Workshop 2011, it was under budget and yet the best time ever. It is something we do every year, 2011 still stands out as the best to date, and since then have I used them twice for holiday bookings and recommended them to friends and family too. If you want professional, friendly, and speedy service without having to worry about a thing, try them!

Sarah Ashton, Assistant at LAPAN

Holiday in Indonesia at a Budget

After getting several quotes for our holiday to Indonesia that were a yearly institution to various destinations, we were recommended to use AB Travel organizer from friends. We are a group of friends and each one get a turn to organize the annual event as surprise destination for seven days during December vacations. I was the one who got away with the lowest priced quote ever after seven years of booking through various other agencies. Great professional service and cheap too!

Lance Silica, Garuda Indonesia

Best Golfing Tournament Ever

The Arutmin Golf Tournament Maret 2010 is the best golfing tournament ever attended. I am a golfer and surely, you would know that we love playing great golf, but our accommodation, transportation and facilities are expected to be excellent too. I have been to nine tournaments over the years and that one still stood out as top class all-round. I am proud to say that I have since used the same travel company, AB Travel’s service for family holidays around the globe too and highly recommend them to you too!

David Shaw, Director at Fulton

Couldn’t Ask for More Professional Service

I went to the Hyundai Dealer Gathering Astra ACC meeting 2008 and was pleasantly surprised at the chosen event. Previous years lacked significantly in terms of accommodations and food and it always felt as if we were given the worst deal. That year however organizers decided to use a different travel company and event’s organizer and since then I also used AB Travel. Everything was professionally done and immaculate in all respects. I recommend this company wholeheartedly.

Philip Shaw, Hyundai Dealer in Cyprus

Staff Loved Every Moment

We are a company with the strong believe that what you give is what you get. We appreciated and respect each one of our staff members and during our annual IPU staff gathering 2011, AB Travel went above and beyond call of duty to provide the staff at the gathering with the best accommodation and refreshments possible. We were booked in for four days in world-class accommodation, top class cuisine, and excellent service well within our budget. Professional and courteous is how I describe their service! I will continue to use them and will give anyone looking for an affordable travel organizer, the number! Thanks guys!

Faith Boleni, Events Manager at IPU

Amazing Experience to Be Repeated

Four years ago, we used AB Travel Organizer to arrange everything for our annual team-building event for the first time. Since the major success of the Chevron Golf Tournament 2012 that was arranged by this professional team, we have not used another company for our Bahisnerde events yet. They have arranged everything, from the flights, to accommodation and events for the period. We have enjoyed both weekend events and two-week holidays as prizes for clients booked through them and each time we were treated refreshingly friendly, yet professional.

Zeliha Özdemir, Content Writer at Bahistanbul

My Dream Wedding Destination

I found the event that I attended with the Telkomsel customer gathering 2009 so inspiring and well organized that I enquired from the operations manager who the organizer for the event was. When I heard it was AB Travel who made all the arrangements, I asked if they could arrange for a meeting to discuss my planned destination wedding in Bali three years later. My dream wedding in Bali was in 2012 and since then have I used the travel agents’ professional service and well within my budget twice more!

Merilee Salim, Telkomsel Customer Gathering 2009, Attendee


Years ago, I went with my company to attend a Siemens sales gathering which was booked through AB Travel. I was held responsible for making the booking and was surprised when everything was taken out of my hands and I took the credit! My supervisor thought it was my doing that the event went so well, that the accommodations were excellent and well within budget. However, I have this travel agency to thank for it!

Sally Folcke, Personal Assistant, Siemens Sales Gathering 2006